1. What is the difference between “parquet” and floor “?
Historically, the term “floor” applied to solid wood elements (± 21 mm) inferior, to be nailed to a substrate and provide support for a more noble floor covering (a parquet … for example).

2. What is a “good” floor?
Broad question, but that we get this a lot.
The basic criteria for a good store are it must be solid, stable and practical. Take the example of Oak, which has a bulk density of ± 700 kg / m³. Its strength (resistance to puncture) is good. It is not too sensitive for humidity changes in your home and it is fairly stable. The natural color of Oaks also fits with any decor.

3. Can you help us to choose the right material?
Certainly. We will need to ask you the following question:
– What is it for; livingroom, bedroom, or office?
– What is the status of the surface: flat, dry, solid or unreliable?
– What is the height available?
– What color do you like?
– What size do you prefer?
– What is the available budget?
This information will help us to narrow down the options and give you the right product.

4. How should be the support that will accommodate my floor?
Parquet 14 mm requires a flat surface, dry and solid. This does not have to be a screed (cement + sand). The general rules are:
– Ensure proper maintenance of all elements: screw a panel that moves, pick a tile that takes off his shoes.
– Ensure the flatness of the surface: any sanding an old floor, patching possible to the old tiles.
– Ensure sizing medium: an old sand floor, scratching and de-grease old tiles.
– Use good glue. The MS-Polymer adhesive proposed here is suitable for all cases (all floors and all supports).

5. Can we put the flooring in a bathroom?
Of course. Among the products presented on this site, all floors are suitable, except Chestnut (too dense) and obviously the old Oak with its favorite finishing, a wax is sufficiently waterproof to a bathroom.

6. Can we put parquet on a floor-heating?
If your heating basement is relatively new, it works in low temperature. This means a temperature of 28-29 ° at maximum tread surface. Suffice to say that little wood will heat bothered by these slight differences.

7. Am I able to put me my floor myself?
Yes, of course. If you are any less handyman, with the information presented above, as well as technical data related to each article, you should able to do it yourself.

For more details, feel free to Contact Us to start with your project.

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